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Kalamata Mohana Rao is a senior political leader. He is a former MLA who had represented Pathapatnam Assembly constituency.

Kalamata Mohana Rao began his political career in the Telugu Desam Party.

Rao was elected five times from the Pathapatnam assembly constituency. He was elected in 1978, 1989, 1994, 1999 and in the 2004 general elections. In November 2008, he joined the Praja Rajyam Party. After the 2009 poll debacle, Mohan Rao joined the Congress party in the same year.

On December 9, 2012 Mohana Rao announced that he has quit the Congress party. He faxed his resignation letter to APCC president Botcha Satyanarayana. He was unhappy over being ignored by the Congress leadership and is planning to join the YSR Congress Party.


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