Kovvada Nuclear Plant

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Kovvada Nuclear Plant is a proposed light water nuclear power reactors to be set up at Kovvada in Srikakulam district.

The plan is to build six 1000 MW light water nuclear power reactors at Kovvada. The proposal received opposition from people in Srikakulam as well as neighbouring districts.

GV Ramesh is the Project Director of the Kovvada nuclear power project.


Opposition to Kovvada Nuclear Plant

In a meeting held in Visakhapatnam on December 9, 2012 former chairman of Atomic Energy Regulatory Board (AERB) A Gopalakrishnan warned that 14,000 people could be killed if even a minute percentage of plutonium from the spent fuel is leaked into atmosphere. He wanted the government to explain the steps taken to process the spent fuel and how it plans to handle 1500 tonnes of nuclear waste from the nuclear power plant.

Relay hunger strike

A relay hunger strike against the proposed nuclear plant began on December 18, 2012. Hundreds of people from Pusapatirega and Ranasthalam mandals staged protests and raised slogans at Ranasthalam mandal. Fishermen, representatives of civil society groups, anti-nuclear activists, leaders of policatl parties expressed their solidarity with the agitation. 10 villagers sat on the relay hunger strike on the first day after worshiping the local deity.

Political Parties & Organizations opposing the nuclear plant

  • Telugu Desam Party
  • YSR Congress Party
  • CPI(M)
  • Kovvada Anuvyatireka Porata Samiti
  • Bharat Swabhiman Trust

The CPI(M) party has urged the State government to halt land acquisition for the proposed nuclear plant as the Land Acquisition Bill 2013 is pending before the President for his assent. At a press conference in November, CPI(M) State Secretariat member Ch. Narasinga Rao said that the notification issued for acquisition is unjustified.


On 4 January 2013, GV Ramesh, the project director of the Kovvada nuclear power project has said that the Kovvada nuclear power project will be safest in the country. Speaking at the two-day Students Technical Paper Contest and Exhibition, where he presided over as chief guest, Ramesh cited the example of the safety of the 20 nuclear plants in the country. He said the country has to depend on nuclear power as coal reserves would exhaust in 50 years.


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