Mahatma's visit to Srikakulam

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Mahatma Gandhi

Father of Nation and Non-violence advocate Mahatma Gandhi has once visited Srikakulam district. He has toured three days in the district.

During the final stages of British regime in the country, Mahatma Gandhi spent about three days starting December 2, 1927.

Mahatma Gandhi visited the district on December 2, 1927. On the first day, he resided at the residence of Embada Hanumantha Rao at Palakonda road. The house is now a historic spot and is maintained by the district administration. Gandhiji held discussions to find out about the Independence movement in the district and the youth who are staging an active role in the freedom movement. He also monitored the handloom industries in the district and praised the efforts of handloom workers. Gandhiji addressed a public meeting held at the Municipal grounds.


Mahatma Gandhi is said to have been surprised at the finesse of the Khadi produced here and he always preferred khadi from this village.


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